Helping Your Parents.

Choosing an independent and secure future for your loved ones.

Today, many of us talk and compare notes about our parents and their issues as they age. The role reversal of becoming a caretaker can leave you feeling helpless as the needs and the emotional challenges of caring for aging loved ones is now front and center.

Below are some helpful tips as you move through this time;

  • Honor your father or mother. Usually they do not view themselves as needing help. After all, they have probably been very capable adults all their lives. Take it slow, offer help in small doses and try to do it on their terms.
  • Get a Primary Care Physician. This is essential when caring for your loved one. Often emergency room visits can overtake regular checkups, but having a consistent person overseeing all the care is a good idea to keep things from getting missed.
  • Share in decisions. Determine what is most important for each party. And then, the steps you need to take to find common ground. Be flexible in finding ways to bend as you can.

  • Remember that each family member is on his or her own journey and does not have the same relationship with the elder. Many are tempted to judge siblings, friends and other family members and their level of involvement in your parents’ care. This has the potential to cause bad feelings for all involved. Try to understand that you need to do what is comfortable based on your relationship with your parents and so do they. But, speak up, ask for help and communicate so that others can choose how much they can be involved.
  • Have the conversation about end of life. Find out what your parents’ wishes are when the time comes. This may take a series of conversations over some time, but discovering what your mom or dad really wants is key.
  • Prepare for the unexpected. Sometimes, they will surprise you. Embrace it and know that this is normal. Many things relate to independence, and they are holding on to that. Let it go if it’s not a concern for safety or security

Following these steps will help your family honor your parents and to celebrate life’s journey to the end.

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